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20 Apr

The perfect Wedding Proposal – #twashionsaysyes

You can’t tell how grown-up you feel once you decided to marry each other. Wether the first car, nor the first apartment or the first long-distance travel can give you a feeling like that. Patrick and me are 27 and 25 years old which is a, let me say, moderate age. But seconds after he proposed to me and I answered his question with a loud “Yeees! Of course!” we sat there, still numb by excitement, looked at each other and Patrick said the sentence I had on my mind too: “Actually we are still babies, right?”. But let’s start from the beginning…

The perfect Wedding Proposal – #twashionsaysyes

For different reasons I don’t want to give you too much information on how Patrick proposed to me in detail. But what I can say is that he couldn’t have chosen a better location, time or ring to ask me the one question. We’ve been a couple for almost five years and now we are engaged. ENGAGED. I still can’t believe it.

We had so much fun during the last couple of days, telling all our loved ones about the biggest decision of our life. The last week was full of happiness, smiles and tears of joy and we couldn’t be more grateful. At that very moment we tell all our friends because it’s Patrick’s birthday party tonight.

We are planning our wedding for next year in July/August and we want to celebrate in Würzburg. We did a lot of location scouting in the last couple of days and need to take a decision in the upcoming weeks. And there are a lot more decisions to come. Civil wedding in Germany or abroad? With family or only the two of us. Which chapel. Which priest. Which location. Which food. Which bouquet. Which dress. Oh my god, I need a dress. You see, there is a lot going on in my brain.

I want you to take part on the journey to our dream wedding. Please let me know which topics you are generally interested in. Write a comment below or send me a message to I’m looking forward to hearing from you.

Thanks to the love of my life, Patrick, who found exactly the right words and organized the perfect wedding proposal.

Ines Ballali
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